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Interview with Kim Fielding

While it sucks that I’m not going to get a chance to catch up with Kim Fielding in Paris this year – Covid 19 sucks! – I’m thrilled to welcome her to the blog today! She’s here to chat about Hallelujah by Kim Fielding ...Read More

Bookbub Featured Deal

Skin and Bone by TA Moore, the second book in the Bone to Pick series is a Bookbub Featured Deal in Feb! The ebook is 99-cents at all retailers from Feb 18-26. ...Read More

Roll With It – Chapter Two

Well, fuck it. Mick wiped the greasy film of shift-sweat off his face and hauled the scrawy chef up from his almost face-plant onto the kitchen tiles. He should have let the man fall. A knock on the head and a bloody nose, easy ...Read More

Roll With It by TA Moore

It wasn’t that Alfie had ever wanted to own a restaurant. OK, he had, but only in his more unrealistic daydreams where he also had a Bugatti and maaaaaaaybe lived on Mars. In those daydreams he owned a building where nothing ever went wrong, ...Read More

Interview with C.S. Poe

Today I am delighted to have C.S. Poe drop by for a chat. Poe, or Snitchy as I affectionately call her, writes detective novels in the elegant, no-wasted-words tradition of Hammett and Himes. She also sometimes writes very happy stories where good things happen, ...Read More

Interview with Jenn Moffatt

Today I’m delighted to welcome Jenn Moffatt to my blog. Jenn’s one of my oldest friends and I’m thrilled to have her here today. Jenn’s novella Christmas Ghosts is the 2019 Dreamspinner Advent Calendar, Homemade for the Holidays. Jenn Moffatt is a proud nerd. ...Read More

Interview with Bru Baker

Today I am delighted to welcome Bru Baker to my blog! Bru is a good friend and a great writer. She writes contemporary and paranormal romance that floats a warm, fun ‘voice’ over the rock-solid underpinnings of good craft and world-building. My favourite are ...Read More

SWIPE by TA Moore Blog Tour

Don’t miss the SWIPE blog tour! Join me at each stop to find out more about the book, my plans for Plenty as a setting, and for a chance to win prizes! Starting soon! ...Read More