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Salon du Livre Special Sale!

From January 18 to 23, all paperbacks are 30% off. For readers attending Livre Paris, use code PARIS19 for free shipping to the book fair. (Sale is set to begin and end based on Eastern Time.) So if you’re coming to see me, you ...Read More

Blinder than a Bat, OK.

I need new glasses. No. That sounds like I just need new frames. That’s just a three times a decade necessity, due to the fact I frequently fall asleep with my glasses on, sometimes drop them, and once had them stolen by a dog. ...Read More

2018 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominees

I am chuffed to announce that Every Other Weekendand Devil Take Me has been nominated for the PRG Reviewer’s Choice award for 2018 in LGBT/ROMANCE/MYSTERY/SUSPENSE and LGBT/ROMANCE/FANTASY/PARANORMAL/ANTHLOGY/OMNIBUS respectively. Voting starts Saturday 19th and runs to the 29th so get out there and vote for me! ...Read More

Wanted-Bad Boyfriend Audiobook

DELIGHTED to share that the Audio release date for Wanted – Bad Boyfriend, with the very talented Michael Mola, is officially set for February 28, 2019. I am really looking forward to this one! 😀 ...Read More

Free Short Stories and Prequels

Cry Wolf – Dog Days Prequel Join a young Jack and Danny in the throes of puppy love before it all went wrong and the world ended. Wolf Tales – Stone the Crows Sequel Visit the Wolf Winter world in this collection of bedtime ...Read More

New Year, New Website

Welcome to 2019 and my brand, spanking new website: What do you guys think? Anything that I should add? Delete? Hit with a shoe? Basically, I gave in to the pointedly non-pointed comments of my friends that I should have a website that ...Read More

Done and Dusted: Swipe

I have written ‘The End’ on the last novel of 2018! Swipe is done, dusted, and submitted to the publisher! Now to start writing the next one! ...Read More

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

…pretty sure when I’ll be back again, because I booked a return ticket. So. Rhys Ford and I are leaving on Sunday at painful o’clock. One day I will fly out of San Diego in time to take advantage of airport Phil’s. They do ...Read More

Road Trip!

So me and Rhys Ford are going to hit the road this weekend. Well, to be completely ACCURATE, me, Rhys Ford, and the Firebird are going to hit the road this weekend! I won’t be driving, if that puts anyone out there’s mind at ...Read More