Monthly Archive:: February 2020

Bookbub Featured Deal

Skin and Bone by TA Moore, the second book in the Bone to Pick series is a Bookbub Featured Deal in Feb! The ebook is 99-cents at all retailers from Feb 18-26. ...Read More

Prodigal Blog Tour

Join me for the Prodigal blog tour from the 6 Feb to the 13 Feb. Find out more about Prodigal, enter for a chance to win prizes, and read the short story ‘Feet of Clay’. ...Read More

Salon du Livre 2020

Come and see me at the Salon du Livre in March. I will be signing at MXM Bookmark and Juno Books stands. I’m the one with the swag, the accent, and a big grin. Come and say hi! ...Read More

Roll With It – Chapter Two

Well, fuck it. Mick wiped the greasy film of shift-sweat off his face and hauled the scrawy chef up from his almost face-plant onto the kitchen tiles. He should have let the man fall. A knock on the head and a bloody nose, easy ...Read More