Done! Dusted! Delivered!

Phew! My WIP–Prodigal, the first book in the Lost and Found series–is done, dusted, and delivered to Dreamspinner.

*puts my hands in the air like I just don’t care*

I really like this book. Which of course makes me worry that I’m too close to it and I’ve written insanity straight onto the page. I’ll get a gentle note from Dreamspinner that explains I have to put down like an old goat for the good of all.

Other news? My hair is BLLLLLLLEEEAAAAGH. I had an allergic reaction to some shampoo and now I can’t dye my hair for a month or more. So I currently have a sort of…burgundy couch hair with streaks of purple. I also need to get it cut.

It’s been a writey week 😀 Not done much else.

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