From Swindon to ShiMMer

Some of you might remember this book from last year. I just found it on my friend’s shelf again. We found this old Willard Price book on sale in Costa and were struck with memories of childhood–I DEVOURED every single one of these books as a kid, although I’m not sure how well they’d hold up today–and by the fact the guys on the cover looked like Sam and Dean Winchester. Tell me I’m wrong.

So I am on my way to ShiMMer today! Don’t worry, I know it’s not until Saturday. However, I have a friend who lives in the Birmingham area so me and Penny are going to see Andi, have a nice meal somewhere, and crash at her place. Then tomorrow we’ll all head into Birmingham.

I have books, swag, and some other bits and pieces that you might want to drop by for! No idea how the tables are allocated–probably first come, first serve–but I’m loud, Northern Irish, and have purple hair so I’m hard to miss.

If I don’t see you there I’ll also be at the European Invasion Reader’s Meet in London and the Salon du Livre with C.S. Poe, Bru Baker, and Rhys Ford in March. Then later in the year off to GRL in the US!

Questions? Signing? Photos? All good. If I womble all too fast, just tell me to wind it in and try again!

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