Free Short Stories and Prequels

What happened in Cutters Gap before the start of Prodigal? Find out what Mac was up to in Feet of Clay.


A Dead Man is the Worst Enemy – Dead Man Stalking Prequel

Find out what Took and Madoc were like before the missing year.


Sticks and Stones by TA Moore – Prequel to Skin and Bones

Spend some time with Javi, Cloister, and Bon ahead of the dramatic events in Skin and Bone.


Dead Man’s Handle by TA Moore – Prequel to ‘Collared’


Cry Wolf – Dog Days Prequel

Join a young Jack and Danny in the throes of puppy love before it all went wrong and the world ended.

Wolf Tales – Stone the Crows Sequel

Visit the Wolf Winter world in this collection of bedtime stories from Nick’s childhood.

Pants on Fire – Liar, Liar Prequel

There’s lies, damned lies, and damned sexy liars in this prequel for romantic suspense Liar, Liar by TA Moore.

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