Leaving on a Jet Plane…

…pretty sure when I’ll be back again, because I booked a return ticket.

So. Rhys Ford and I are leaving on Sunday at painful o’clock. One day I will fly out of San Diego in time to take advantage of airport Phil’s. They do breakfasts, but it’s not like…ribs with eggs, so really what is the point?

Swag has been sent to GRL. My suitcase is packed. I have forgotten (1) things so far, that number will likely go up as the week goes on. I have had to unpack the suitcase twice to date because I had packed both my only toothbrush and my hairbrush. Things that people are generally glad if I deploy at LEAST daily.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone at GRL. Can’t wait to do the signings – I actually started this post with 0 things forgotten, but then I realised I’d forgotten my ‘please write your name here, because I’m Irish and I know that just because a name sounds like it is spelt one way that means nothing! Nothing!’ journal – and have a natter with everyone.

I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about the panel. I say dumb stuff under pressure. Sometimes I start a sentence that I’ve not though all the way through, and it just goes….somewhere odd at the end.

Like, I was saying goodbye to a REALLY pregnant wife of a co-worker once. I was ‘oh and good luck with–‘

Now! You can’t say ‘the birth’, because that’s suggesting that something might go wrong with it. You can’t say ‘the baby’, because again you’re implying she might not be a good parent. So I just waved my hands in the general direction of her stomach and went, ‘…all of that.’

See? Weird, dumb things.

Still! I’d love to see you guys there! Come! Bask in our brilliance, wittiness, and weirdness (apply attributes to the author of your choice :D), and ask any questions you might have.

I will be at these places!:

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