Ghostwriter of Christmas Past Available Now!

Ghostwriter of Christmas Past is available today from Dreamspinner Press, both on it’s own and as part of the 2017 Advent Calendar Stocking Stuffers. It romancypants as all get out!

Ever since ghostwriter Jason Burke ended up in loco parentis for his orphaned niece, Mallory, he’s been trying. He goes to parent/teacher events, and he makes packed lunches, so he definitely didn’t mean to forget about Christmas. He just hasn’t celebrated it since he left home under a cloud years ago.

Put on the spot, Jason makes the snap decision to take Mallory to see where he and her father spent their Christmases as kids. The last thing he expects is to run into Tommy, his ex—ex-best friend, ex-boyfriend—who is still living in town… and working as a sheriff’s deputy.

It’s hard to avoid someone in a small town—and maybe Jason doesn’t want to. He got Mallory a Christmas, and maybe now it’s time to get himself a Christmas boyfriend. But first, he owes Tommy some explanations.


C.S. Poe and I have also teamed up to do a short blog tour from the 4-9 December that includes videos, character interviews, giveaways, and a Holiday Chicken!

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