Dog Days Out Now

Today is the day! Dog Days by TA Moore went on sale from Dreamspinner Press. I know some people have bought it already! Thank you! The rest of you can buy it here – go on, I’ll wait ? .

I will also expect everyone to be nice to me this weekend, because I have to go to the dentist. I’ve cracked my filling, and the fear of a root canal overcame my dentist phobia long enough to make an appointment. Now I regret it, but too late.

I really do have a phobia of dentists too. It isn’t just hyperbole like the nun thing, I am sweating bullets. 

Distressing Dentist Stuff to follow.

Years ago – when I got my wisdom teeth out – the dentist suggested Twilight Sleep. Basically sedation, with a name designed to conjure images of Care Bears and fluffy pillows. It… didn’t go so well. Basically they didn’t wait long enough, and I got to experience having a wisdom tooth yanked with no pain relief, while paralysed. I can still remember the dentist kneeling on my thighs and cracking the tooth.

She was going on a date that night too.

So yeah. Don’t like dentists, but I have got used to having teeth so… The worst thing is the indignity of it? Last time they had to get someone to hold my hands down, because I was fending the dentist and the needle off.

That is why everyone should be nice to me!

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