Dog Days has a Cover

Dog Days

Sooooo, Dreamspinner is going to publish my novel Dog Days later on this year. This is obviously exciting as ALL GET OUT, and the whole editorial process has been a mixture of exciting and terrifying (Just generally, not because of my editor! She’s awesome!), but it still seemed a little bit unreal.

Then my cover artist, the brilliant Anne Cain, sent me through my cover yesterday and it is a: AMAZING and b: very, very real.

So, I am chuffed to present, the Dog Day‘s cover. Isn’t it beautiful?

The book itself is going to be out this autumn, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates as they come in!

*Up until a week or so ago, I did still half expect an apologetic email explaining it had all been a mistake and they thought I was the other TA Moore. You know, her.

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