Monthly Archive:: January 2016

Shadows Bloom by TA Moore

Shadows Bloom Between the real and the unreal, the created and uncreated lies the capstone of the universe: the living city, Even Na Shetiyah. Eternally in flux and the only door between What-was-Not and What-Was, Even City is many things to the creatures who ...Read More

The Even by TA Moore

The Even ‘In the Even — a city built in the intersection between the real and the not –ruled by the iron whim of the demon Yekum where treachery brewed amidst the ever-changing streets. Ancients dwell in the city who have out-lived their purpose ...Read More

Dog Days by TA Moore

  Dreamspinner Amazon Kobo   The world ends not with a bang, but with a downpour. Tornadoes spin through the heart of London, New York cooks in a heat wave that melts tarmac, and Russia freezes under an ever-thickening layer of permafrost. People rally ...Read More