Meeting Up at the Meet

So, as you may or may not know I am going to be at the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet in September! I’ll be the one with a name tag, who’s probably on the wrong floor for whatever I was looking for. The tickets are all sold out for this year unfortunately, although you can sign up for next year’s newsletter and keep an eye on all the happenings on social media.

I’m not committed to my itinerary yet, but I’ve earmarked a few sessions to check out:

Mystery, myth and magic – legends and the like as an inspiration.

Keynote speaker: ELIZABETH NORTH Executive Director of Dreamspinner Press.

Sex scenes, what makes them sizzle? And what turns them into a damp squib?

I’m also going to be helping out on the Utterly Authorly Worldbuilding panel, so do drop into that if you want to heckle!

Oh, and I’ll be pitching to Samhain and Riptide Publishing while I am there too! So I’ll be fussing over that for the next few weeks as I try and get all my synopses in a row.

So if you’re at the Meet, come and say hey!

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