The Eternally Dark Playlist

Being a vampire always sounds like one of the better monsters to get in the ‘oh crap, I took a wrong turn into a Hammer Horror film and I’m the one in the filmy dress’ stakes. You get to be immortal, you never see a vampire with a pimple, and you have an excuse for sleeping all day and only getting up once it gets dark. On the other hand, there are drawbacks. Frankly, I can BARELY be trusted to leave the house looking sane and civilized with a mirror right by the door. I have left the house with Aquafresh all over my face and gone through an entire morning like that before someone said anything (and yes, friend who knows who she is, it did rather look like I’d been blowing pixies). As for the diet? I could used to that, I guess, but I’m not even all that keen on social kissing, never mind biting strangers in the tender bits.

Seriously, watch Being Human. THAT is what happens when you don’t practice safe biting. No one wants to have Bat Boy babies.
Still, the one thing that vampires can still do is enjoy some good music. When writing ‘Blind Eye of the Sun’ for the Eternally Dark anthology (use ‘Boo’ to get a spooky discount!), I had a playlist of apocalyptic, bad shit is happening and I don’t like it, ok I do quite like THIS shit and I don’t like that, world is ending songs to get me in the mood. So, I thought I’d share it with my readers. I hope you enjoy it!

Blind Eye of the Sun from TA_Moore on 8tracks Radio.

(It also originally included ‘Skyfall’ by Adele, but I was made – MADE – to take that out. Apparently dystopian vampires/space marines don’t listen to Adele.)


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